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Our Mission

Wright Way's primary mission is to rebuild communities and rebuild lives. We stand with people and communities and help them get back on track following hardships -- whether through cleaning up after storms, natural disasters, economic downturns, or personal setbacks. We offer help, hope, and assistance, enabling those affected to return to normality. In addition to disaster recovery, we also promote workforce development and personal growth through job skills training. We recruit, train, and staff skilled labor workers for the construction, manufacturing and maintenance industries; to bring new talent to the skilled labor force; to enhance the skills of those already in the industry; and to meet the high demand for skilled laborers. 

The construction, maintenance and manufacturing industries are in need of thousands of skilled laborers to complete planned projects. A large percentage of current industry workers will retire in the next 10 years, leaving a great gap in construction production. We intend to bridge that gap by matching employers and workers in a pairing that is mutually beneficial to everyone involved. We intend to put the local labor pool on jobsites to get things done.

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