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Wright Way


Moving Freight at the speed of Business

Wright Way Logistics is a freight transportation company specializing in logistics, load management, and equipment transport. In business since 2012, we can move any load, any product, anytime, anywhere in North America. We have over 200 drivers in our network and have access to over 100 LTL trucks that are accessible on a moment’s notice. Our fleet is strategically located throughout the U.S. to make pick-ups and deliveries closer and faster. We offer a wide range of shipping arrangements, including LTL, RGN, flatbed, step-deck, and hotshot loads. And we move a wide range of commodities, from raw materials to machinery to industrial products. Whether steel, lumber, construction aggregates, sand, soil, gravel, rock, piping, tubing, coils, plastic, machinery, heavy equipment, or small equipment, we can move it.

We know which permits are required for your route, freight, and trailer type; and our drivers know about every part of the shipping process, from loading to unloading  and everything in between. No matter when or where a load needs to be shipped, we are ready to go whenever and wherever you need us. When a delivery positively has to be there on time, you can rely on Wright Way Logistics to meet your deadlines.

General Freight

Metal sheets, coils, rolls

Oversized Objects

Motor Vehicles

Drive/Tow away

Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber

Building Materials

Heavy Machinery

Construction Supplies

C&D Debris

Mobile Homes

Raw Materials



Intermodal Containers


Grain, Feed, Hay


US Mail



Dry Bulk

Paper Products

Agriculture/Farm Supplies

We assist companies with freight ready to haul and our drivers are qualified to handle the load. We also offer transportation management, carrier sourcing and contracting, along with shipment planning and execution. We regularly update the status of the shipper’s load and communicate with both driver and shipper to track the load and verify it’s pickup and delivery.


Based in Fairfield, Alabama, we serve the continental United States. We have the experience and expertise to get your load where it’s going – quickly, safely, and securely.

Give us a call and let one of our freight managers tell you more about our services and how we can serve your company’s logistics needs.

Jacob Thelen

Logistics Manager

(615) 474-9390

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