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The Wright Way Company, Inc.

Providing Skilled Trade Labor for the Construction,

Manufacturing, and Light Industrial Sectors


Supplying Employers with the Workers they Need

What is Wright Way Staffing?

Wright Way Staffing is a full service employment staffing agency specializing in supplying workers for the Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial, and Maintenance fields. Whether your company is in need of temp workers, direct hires, temps-for-hire, or contract laborers, we can meet all of your current staffing needs. We’ve successfully worked with many companies across America to help them staff their workforce, and we currently have over 1,200 qualified workers in our database, spanning the spectrum among job fields and skill sets.

We Have All Types of Workers

Wright Way Staffing supplies all types of skilled trade workers and offers multiple hiring options. Whether you need workers for short-term jobs or long-term hires, we have them; from day-laborers to permanent placements, we can help you fill out your workforce; from a last minute fill-in or just an extra hand, we've got you covered.

Skilled Trade Labor is the Way to Go

Wright Way Staffing has forged a reputation of excellence and reliability by providing companies with well trained employees that meet and exceed customer requirements and expectations. We embrace unyielding commitments to integrity, on-time delivery, and outstanding quality, and this dedication to excellence has made Wright Way Staffing one of the top Service & Support companies in the South.

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